Perhaps you might recognise this feeling.

When the opportunity to become First Aid at Work qualified came up I jumped at the chance. Immediately after qualifying I was confident that I could help with any emergency that I was required to deal with. As the months passed, I started to forget some of the details I'd been taught and as more months passed, I forgot even more. I started to dread being called to assist someone. I made plan after plan to keep myself current but nothing seemed to work. Finding 10 minutes to read through my First Aid manual was easily scheduled into my week (every Monday at 9am - true story) however when that time actually came, a busy workload meant it was difficult to prioritise over other tasks that had deadlines.

One day my phone rang, there was an unconscious man in the toilets on the next floor up. My heart was racing as I grabbed my First Aid kit and ran up the stairs. As I took the stairs two at a time, I tried in vain to remember what the letters in the acronym I had memorised meant. Luckily the man was conscious and standing when I arrived but he'd suffered a nasty bang on the head. No ambulance required but a trip to the medical centre nonetheless.

I realised then that this situation could never be repeated. And that's when I came up with this idea.

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