What is this?

If you sign up to the FADQ mailing list, we will send you an email every weekday. At 8am, a simple, concise email will drop into your mailbox. It will contain one question and four multiple choice answers. All you need to do is choose the one you think is right and click on it. You'll know within seconds if you were right. 

All in, it'll probably take you 15 seconds to read, answer and delete each email. 

15 seconds a day for peace of mind should you be called to perform in an emergency.

Who doesn't have 15 seconds a day?

I wasn’t sure I’d use it when I signed up but definitely will cause it’s a good refresher.
— Maggie McMahon
Great idea. I like one q a day.
— Guy MacNaughton
I love fadq. What you do is important and very well packaged and this combination is winning.
— Paola Garbini (Founder, www.noiclub.org)
Using it daily, a fabulous idea. Works well.
— Ellen Ruston Nath
Being a current first aider is important to me. It worries me though that after a relatively short course (in some cases), you’re given a potentially huge responsibility. You could quite easily have someone’s life in your hands after only basic training. Then I was introduced to First Aid Daily Question, and I can’t praise it enough. It literally takes a few seconds every day but it’s an amazing daily reminder. I feel far more confident in my first aid skills, not only because I’m continually refreshing my knowledge but because it is helping me confirm that the information i have retained, is correct! A recent question led me to do some extra reading on that particular topic. I’m really enjoying my first aid daily question.
— Nicola Hughes
Great idea.
— Liz Jarmey
I like the idea and it takes seconds to do everyday.
— Gary Crisp
Simple and self-explanatory. Have already mentioned it to a couple of other first aiders who thought it a good idea.
— Sarah Law