Frequently Asked Questions

But why an email? Why not an app?

There are already some very good apps out there. The Red Cross and the St John Ambulance both do great ones. But they all need you to load the app and go read it. I have them all on my phone. I never look at them.

This way, there's a friendly reminder every morning. Just 15 seconds a day and you're done.


Who's this for?

First Aid Daily Question was designed for people with a First Aid qualification but we also get very excited when people who want to learn First Aid sign up. The more the merrier.  


First Aid for Parents (& Teachers)

If you look after children, this will become an essential daily habit to help you keep your First Aid knowledge fresh. These questions come out on Mondays and Wednesdays.


First Aid for Work  

If you are a First Aider in a work environment, whether in an office, on a building site or anywhere, you'll love receiving these emails so that you can feel confident about looking after your friends and colleagues. These questions come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


First Aid for Adventure Sports. 

Covering sports such as climbing, kayaking, skydiving, etc, this will help you relax while you're out enjoying life to the full, often in regions that are sparsely served by professional First Aid services. These questions come out on Fridays. 


What's the best way to learn First Aid?

The best way to do that is to go on a course. Both the Red Cross and the St John Ambulance host great courses. FADQ is a great low effort and low (zero) cost solution if you cannot make a course. 

FADQ is a great tool for retaining your knowledge and improving your confidence.


Do you have any future plans? 

We have grand plans. This is merely step one towards our goal of World Domination. Below is a list of how we'd like to expand this site in due course.



We'd like to be able to personally track all your answers so that we can tell you which areas you are weak on so that we can target future questions to help you improve that area. We'd like to make a section for you to login to if you wish so that you can see your statistics so that when it's time for you to have a refresh, you can highlight those areas to your First Aid professional trainer.


What else?

Do you have a suggestion for us? Let us know below.



We think this site leaves the world a little better than without it. We'd quite like to cover the associated costs but it doesn't really matter, we'll continue to fund and run it as it's a worthy cause.

We investigated affiliate links (pay per click) to First Aid providers. If you're going to book a First Aid course anyway, why not book it through us? Or perhaps we might investigate sponsorship of the questions. But right now, and forever, it's a free service to you, its users.


We spoke to the Red Cross however they wish to remain impartial and will not consider a relationship that may damage that perception. 

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