I bought the domain in July 2013. I made more progress in the first 11 days and 13 minutes of the Start Up Tribe than in the previous 21 months.
— Brian, Founder, First Aid Daily Question

This site wouldn't exist without the support of an organisation called Escape the City. The idea for this service arrived in 2008 and the domain was purchased in 2013 but it took until 2015 before being able to produce something to show for it.  And it would have taken longer, much much longer, without the passionate and helpful people at Escape. Thank you to them.

They run a number of courses, sell books, host mini-festivals but what they do best is their Tribes. There are two of them. 

We joined the Start Up Tribe, a group of 50 like minded individuals who all had ideas. The education, the ideas, the support, the networking and empowerment within the group of 50 but most importantly the peer accountability is tremendous. Your drive is magnified as you commit to tasks that seem unassailable and yet come together in no time at all with the help from the team.  You can read more how The Start Up Tribe gave birth to this service in our blog: In The Beginning.

Escape the City. Recommended.


Accelerate your entrepreneurial journey and get to launch.

A world-class startup education with 50 aspiring entrepreneurs. Access tools, techniques, and accountability to save you time, money, and worry building your business.

The Escape Tribe

Find direction and transition towards more fulfilling work.

A community experience combined with an expert education in career change. Accountability, inspiration, and confidence to move you from thinking into doing.