A Happy Accident

Weds 20th May saw the first "special" question with a touch of humour injected into the writing. It was during the BETA testing period and it was a happy accident. 

I was discussing fadq.uk at my evening class at EscapeTheCity.org and I started to show a question to one of the course providers. A couple of my classmates expressed an interest in also seeing what was on the screen so Rob, the course provider read that day's question aloud.

He didn't repeat it verbatim. He elaborated. Excessively.

I was horrified and tried to stop him as he provided running commentary on how stupid the casualty must have been to have gotten into that situation. I pleaded with him not to. I felt like he was laughing at my project and belittling my dream as he ran through potential options to "help" the casualty... But my Escape classmates thought it was hilarious and they were laughing out loud and giggling. Whether to administer a "first aid kick" to the patient made them smile.

The conversation moved on and we discussed my, ahem, 'elegant' solution to an issue I'd had no idea about initially. Before the conversation moved on again and it was swiftly forgotten.

The next day, when I sat down to prepare the next question I started thinking back over what had happened. I was starting to see the appeal of a humorous question. Not everybody is a good two shoes the whole time. People want to be entertained while they learn, I certainly do. A branch of questions that aim to educate and put a smile on your face. 

I'm doing it.

I'm now torn between calling them a Wednesday special and cheering people up midway through the week. Wednesday is humpday and it's all downhill after that day after all and the special question could give you a head start.

Or "Monday Funday" has a nice ring to it. People often dread Mondays so maybe it'd be nice to have a smile on a Monday. 

Regardless, what day we decide, we hope you enjoy them. Why not let us know what day you'd prefer the special questions on?

PS I'm hopeful they'll be easy to write but I'm not confident at all. If you'd like to submit one, please be my guest. Just email it in to ICanHelp@fadq.uk