Natural Born Artists

This week I've been attending my two day refresher First Aid at Work course with the Red Cross.

I like to choose the Red Cross as I know that any profits are plowed into assisting people in crisis worldwide.

The Red Cross have clearly had people on the creative juices. At one point on day two we were split into pairs and tasked with drawing up two posters to explain situations requiring medical treatment and what that treatment should be.

I was initially skeptical but I started to see what we were learning and how we would be teaching the rest of the group.

These are the posters that Kez and I produced. What do you think they are? What conditions do they represent? And what treatment do they advise?

When you've had a think, scroll down for the answers.

Poster 1

 Poster 1

Poster 1

Poster 2

 Poster 2

Poster 2




Have you had a think? 



OK, I'll remove any confusion.



Poster 1 is about Seizures.

Picture 3 shows the first aider arriving with a first aid box and noting the time on the clock on the wall.

Picture 4 shows the patient with their head on something soft to minimise any injuries. If there were obstacles such as chairs or tables, then these should be moved out of the way.

Picture 5 shows, after the seizure, an unconscious patient in the recovery position and the ambulance arriving.

Pictures 2b and 3b are an attempt to show an absence seizure which is a mild form of epilepsy during which they appear distant and unaware of their surroundings. The patient has been helped into a chair.

Poster 2 is about Hypothermia

Picture 1 shows the patient swimming in the sunshine.

Picture 2 shows the patient getting cold now that it's started raining. They have turned blue, literally.

Picture 3 shows the patient in a sleeping bag or under a blanket to help warm them. Alternatively, p187 of First Aid Manual, 10th Edition states "You can shelter and warm him with your own body". So this is what we drew.  We don't know what you were thinking. Ahem. Plus, an ambulance has been called.

Picture 4 shows a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. Any warm drink or high-energy food will do.

I hope you enjoyed having a giggle at our expense. Natural Born Artists. Clearly.

PS With thanks to our course leaders Brian and Graham for the excellent instruction.